Labor Relations

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Labor Relations
Grand Canyon University: HLT-520
James Webb
September 23, 2015

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) started in July 1935 to protect the rights of employees, rather, they be union or nor-union employees (Pozgar, 2012). The employees are protected under the Act or may employ in bubble-like, rigorous goings-on in situations other than the customary union organizations and cooperative bargaining. The National Labor Relations Board regulates the employers from interfering with the rights of the employees to implement or organize and join with a groups that offers assists with collective bargaining purposes like organization union or joining one (Pozgar, 2012). The employer may not restrain, coerce or stop employees
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Since employees are continually more progressive and aware of their legal rights and privileges, it is critical for all employers to exercise caution when their employees occupy performance that could be observed as strenuous activity. Patient’s rights come into play during a strike and the patients care is sure to suffer regardless of what is promise by the hospital administration. Failure to provide adequate healthcare services to a patient would be a breach in the provisions and would affect the rights of the patient’s compensations and cause damage to their health (Allabaugh, 2013). Hospital can hire outside agency to cover for the staff that is on strike like nurses. Factors that come into play with hiring outside agency is that the hospital may end up paying more for the replacement and may cause a series of events like low mortality among staff and patients (Allabaugh, 2013). Another factor is with treatment intensity and lower quality of care for patients and hospital readmission causing a decrease in hospital productivity (Allabaugh, 2013). In hiring from outside agency may not be beneficial because it would like hiring a substitute teacher, they only do the minimum duties because they are not fully trained.
Patients that need intensive care are more than likely to decline in health do to the substitute not know how to care for the patient. Nurses
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