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Weekly Written Assignment, Week 2, Chapters 4, 5 and 6 Union and Management: Key Participants in the Labor Relations Process Why and How Unions are Organized Negotiating the Labor Agreement October 30, 2014 Case 5-3, "Did the Company Violate....?", p. 232; and Case 5-5, "Bulletin Board Use", p. 236. Answer the questions at the end of each case in typewritten format, 3 - 5 pages. 1. Was this matter within the jurisdiction of the National Labor Relations Board? The statements made by the employer appear to coincide with an unlawful promise of benefits, and therefore, are unacceptable in relation to the act. The concept of “positive coercion” is addressed in the case study, and these actions directly influence the manner…show more content…
An employer may not interfere with its employee’s ability to communicate union messages or discriminate between union communications and non-union communications. Barry Marcks violated Section 8(a)(1) of the Act by barring union employees from using the employer’s e-mail system for union business. Case 5-5, Bulletin Board Use p. 236 1. Is an employer required to have bulletin boards at the workplace? No, I do not believe an employer is required to have a bulletin board. My company does not have a bulletin board; with the use of technology such as email and intranet websites, a traditional bulletin board is not needed. 2. If an Employer did not provide bulletin boards at the workplace, would employees have a right to provide and mount their own bulletin boards? I do not think an employee would have the right to bring in a bulletin board. I think if they want a bulletin board they should discuss it with their supervisor and if agreed, let the company provide it. If the employee brings in the board, they may feel like they can dictate what is posted and it may not be work appropriate. It could cause conflict if other employees want to post something on the board. Items posted could violate a non-solicitation policy and other workplace rules. To avoid this situation, employees should not be allowed to bring in their own bulletin board. 3. If there are company-provided bulletin boards at the workplace, does the Employer have a right to restrict the purpose or
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