Labor Studies Course Analysis

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Ever since I was a young child I always had a passion to help others in any way that I was able to, that passion has stuck with me until now as an adult. I chose the Labor Studies major, as one of my majors because I believe employees should have fair and equal rights and a fair and safe working environment. I would like to be able to make a change in at least one person’s life and if not the world and I knew this major would allow me to do so.

I have taken several Labor Studies classes throughout my time here at Rutgers University.
These classes include: Intro to Labor & Employment
Employment Law
Organizational Behavior & Work
Development of Labor Movement
Finance for Personal and Professional
Occupational Safety & Health
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They have introduced me and opened my eyes to the Labor movement and what it all entails. One specific course that was specifically interesting to me was Occupational Safety and Health. This course opened my eyes up more to what is necessary for a company to comply with to be able to function in any industry. The term paper we had to do for this class was very exciting for me to do while being able to convey the safety and health issues for young employees today and in the past. Throughout the class and while working on the term paper it made me realize how many injustices we still have today in the workplace. In my future Labor Studies class I would like to learn how everything ties into each other and learn the core concepts of the Labor Studies and Employment Relations major. In my last course I hope to understand more about modern developments we are working towards for employees. Mostly everyone in the world has to work for a living and Labor Studies can essentially relate to anyone. In my own life, Labor Studies has been relatable to the work and education opportunities I have had thus far. Being able to work in a safe environment and get an education at an outstanding Higher Education Institution…show more content…
I would like to go to Graduate School to get my Masters. With this major I would like to go into Human Resources and become a Manager. This will allow me to oversee a company’s organizational policies, such as Equal Employment Opportunity, Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. This ties directly into the Labor Studies major as it is all about employees being treated fairly. I will also be able to oversee Regulatory Compliance, Employee Relations, Training, Employee Benefits, and Payroll. With the Labor Studies major I have been able to learn about all of these aspects in the workplace, which will help me to be better prepared in that field of
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