Labor Unions Must Fight Globalization or Become Extinct Essay

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“Two world wars [along with Roosevelt’s] “New Deal” had indeed, made government big.” (Moody, 2007, p. 114) Government became “big” because of its controlling interest in business and labor. The reason for this interest is that government was dealing with a failed economy and had two world wars to contend with. These wars required a continual supply of food and supplies to be produced. In order to guarantee supplies to be free of interruption, it required government gaining control over every major industry and labor in order to keep harmony. Along with this harmony, it became instrumental in creating the steady supply of profits for businesses. It also helped in producing wage equality and social services for workers. With…show more content…
They also realized because of the changes in politics, government was not going to intervene. Labor was losing power. As the 1980’s entered little did labor know politics was about to take on yet another whole new personality. This personality was brought in with the incoming of the new President Ronald Reagan; he had his own idea of operating the country on neoliberal politics. This form of politics has continued and is still operating today. Not only is it creating havoc with the U.S. labor force, but has moved across International borders virtually destroying everything it touches. “Organized labor [finally realized they were] technically and theoretically unprepared for Reagan’s assault. [Up to now labor has been] unable to conceptualize . . . or even generate the social force necessary to resist [this] new conception of labor relations.” (Fletcher & Gapasin, 2008, p.46) In order for labor to defend itself against neoliberal globalization, certain questions must be answered. What is Neoliberal Globalization? Why is Neoliberalism causing the labor movement to decline? What steps must the labor movement take to reverse this decline? Next I will try to answer these questions. Neoliberal Globalization What is Neoliberal Globalization? In order to answer this; let’s look at some the definitions for Neoliberalism and Globalization. We will start by looking at a couple of definitions for

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