Labor Unions : Past, Present And Future State

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Labor Unions: Past, Present and Future State. Labor Unions were and still are an essential element in today’s businesses. In earlier years, labor unions aided employees by serving as the main voice to their employer. Today, the struggle continues as labor unions help workers by ensuring their voices are heard, their rights are upheld, their pay and benefits are fair and by eliminating injustices. In order to understand what lies ahead for the future state of labor unions, it is important to recognize its history, but also understand current challenges faced that will likely shape the future. Workers have and always will be the most valuable asset a company has. Without employees, no business can function. Because of employees’ worth, businesses are obligated to satisfy their employees needs and this was accomplished by the formation of the labor union. Before the formation of the labor union, employees had no say or voice. After, however, labor unions acted as the employees’ voice to their employers. The historical changes of the labor union have shaped what labor unions stand for today and what they will stand for in the future. By understanding the historical timeline of the formation and development of labor unions, it is easier to understand the problems that we face today and in the future as a modern society. Labor unions originated in the early years of the United States. Over time, labor unions worked to gain the rights to give their workers power and a voice.

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