Labor Unions and the 21st Century: Viability and Value

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Outline I. Introduction II. Needed Changes to Union Membership and Support A. What Employers and Members Can do a. Union Members Must Support Their Unions b. Employers Can Work with Unions to Improve Relationships B. What the Community Can do a. Community Support for Unions is Waning b. Unions Must Remind Communities of Their Value III. Labor Unions and Their Decline in Influence - Political and Membership Aspects A. Political Issues Faced by Unions a. Politics is Changing the Way Unions Operate b. Unions no Longer Support Candidates as Strongly B. Membership Issues Faced by Unions a. People are Opting Out of Union Membership in Greater Numbers b. Members of Unions do not Speak of Them as Highly as in the Past IV. Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y are Influencing Labor Unions A. Baby Boomers and Labor Unions a. Baby Boomers Were Very Interested in Unions b. Baby Boomers Lose Union Interest as They Age B. Generations X and Y a. Generation X Grew up with Unions b. Many in Generation Y Know Little of Union Activities V. Other External Dynamics Impacting Labor Unions? A. The Global Workforce and Union Strategies a. Unions are More Than Just Local Anymore b. Every Union has the Opportunity to Grow Globally B. The Internet and Union Membership a. Using the Internet to Gain Membership b. The Dissemination of Information VI. Remaining Active and Viable in the 21st Century. A. Unions Must Stay Active a. How
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