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Due to increasing competition in the field of medical testing it has become prudent for Laboratorio De Analisis Argentina (LAA) to evaluate its process and identify strengths and weaknesses to improve the operations of their laboratories. An in-depth investigation into day-to-day, step-by-step breakdown of activities has uncovered where, and how LAA can achieve efficient operations. From the original collection of samples to the final step of communicating the test results to the patients, LAA has shown that they have created a process with numerous factors to success as well as room for improvement. The following is a flow chart representative of the steps of the process and the reliance each step has to other steps: While not…show more content…
If the company is adamant at meeting the 5,000 sample a day mark and removing demand variability it may be worthwhile to look into holding off on samples arriving later in the day as to have immediate work for testers and the latter steps at the beginning of the next day. Samples from the second 8-hour shift of a certain day that are processed during the first 8-hour shift of the following day will still meet the objective of communicating results within the 24-hour limit. This technique could also potentially decrease standard deviation as it tries to evenly control the sample flow and demand variability in the daily process. Routine delivery times for satellite and external labs could also lead to more consistency within the process.
The table below represents the average samples processed per hour and per step, based off the minimum, average, and maximum samples processed on exhibit 4. Separation numbers are half of the other process’s sample numbers because only 50% of samples go to separation. Minimum Demand
(avg. sample/hour) Average Demand
(avg. sample/hour) Maximum Demand
(avg. sample/hour)
Processing 147 312 453
Separation 74 156 227
Distribution 147 312 453
Testing 147 312 453
Storage 147 312 453
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