Laboratory Techniques & Measurements

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Name: Samer Fadda|Date: 7/20/13|
Exp 2: Laboratory Techniques & Measurements|Lab Section: 76426|

Data Tables:

Length Measurements

Object Measured|Length in cm|Length in mm|Length in m|

Warm Temperature Measurements

Hot tap water temperature 54˚C 129.2˚F 327.15K
Boiling water temperature at 5 min 100˚C 212˚F 373.15K

Cold Temperature Measurements

Cold tap water temperature 22˚C 71.6˚F 295.15K
Ice water temperature at 5 minutes 0˚C 32˚F 273.15K

Mass Measurements

Object Measured|Mass in g|Mass in kg|
PAPERMATE Pen|10|0.01|

Volume Measurements and Density Measurements with liquids
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When you are doing the displacement method there can be an error on how much volume of water you accurately pour in.
B. What is the relationship between mL and cm3 (cc stands for cubic centimeters)?
Both of them are equal in terms of volume.

C. To help you get a feel for metric measurements, you need to know the relative magnitude of a few basic measurements. For example: 1 mm = thickness of a dime, a penny weighs 2 ½ grams, and 20°C = normal room temperature.
Determine the following:
1. What is the mass in kilograms (kg) of a person who weighs 143 lb?
64.9 kg
2. What weighs approximately 1 g?
1000 mg equal 1 g.
3. What is approximately 1 cm long, wide or thick?
10 dimes are equal to 1 cm of thickness.
4. What weighs about 100 g?
40 pennies weigh about 100 g.

D. An object has a density of 11.3 g/cm3. If it weighs 7.0 g and you added it to a graduated cylinder with 5.0 mL of water, what will be the new volume of water in the cylinder after the object is added?
Volume- 7/11.3=0.6195cm^3
Volume of water with object- 0.6195 + 5 = 5.6195cm^3 = 5.62 mL

E. If you were to dilute the sugar solution one more time, would the density of the solution increase or decrease?
The density would decrease.

F. Is the dissolving of a sugar in water to form a solution a chemical change or physical change?
This would be a physical change because for it to be a chemical change the product would have to be a new
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