Laboratory Techniques & Measurements Essay

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Title: Laboratory Techniques & Measurements Purpose: To become familiar with the International System of Units and common laboratory equipment and techniques. To learn how to determine volume, mass, length, and temperature of a wide variety of items. To learn how to calculate density and concentration of dilutions. Procedure: I used a ruler, thermometer, and scale to take measurements. I used a graduated cylinder, short step pipet, scale, and ruler to determine volume and density. I used a volumetric flask, graduated pipet, pipet bulb, scale, and glass beaker to determine concentrations and densities of various dilutions. Data Tables: |Data Table 1: Length…show more content…
| |Ice water – 1 minute |5°C |41°F |278°K | |Ice water – 5 minutes |5.5°C |41.9°F |278.5°K | |Data Table 3: Mass | |Object |Estimated Mass |Actual Mass |Actual Mass | |Pen or Pencil |7g |12.2g |0.0122kg | |3 Pennies |12g |8.1g |0.0081kg | |1 Quarter |15g |5.7g |0.0057kg | |2 Quarters, 3 Dimes |25g |18.2g |0.0182kg | |4 Dimes, 5 Pennies |20g |22.2g |0.0222kg | |3 Quarters, 1 Dime, 5 Pennies |65g |32.4g |0.0324kg |
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