Labour Party On The Threshold Analysis

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Whilst analysing this document, many points about the history of the Labour Party can be identified and highlighted in addition to some of the prevalent issues in relation to the different British political parties during this period of time. The extract being analysed is an extract from a book published by a member of the Fabian Society, Sidney Webb. Whilst also being able to understand more about the context in which this book was published the document also allows for us to begin to understand more about the differences in political ideologies as well as discovering more about the formation of the Labour Party and the contribution of the Fabian society and Webb’s personal views and contribution towards the Labour Party. Firstly, we begin by analysing the title, ‘The Labour Party on the Threshold’. The word threshold’s…show more content…
This text is useful in many ways, as it allows the reader to be able to understand more about Webb’s ideologies and aims for the Labour Party. This can be seen in parts of the text where Webb shares about his views on the way the Labour Party should operate, referring to this in the text where he writes, “once we face the necessity of putting our principles first into Bills, to be fought through committee clause by clause… the inevitability of gradualness cannot fail to be appreciated”. As shown in other parts of the text also, it can be suggested that Webb had attempted to address the criticism that the Labour Party possibly had received as he directly refers to this throughout the extract, such as when he writes, “we should necessarily be compelled to make each change only at a
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