Labour Relation Approach

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Labour Relation Approach and Issues Labour relation or what we call industrial relation is the heart of any industrial system. It is know as the relation between employees and employers of a company. For a successful growth of business of big or small firm this relation are needed to be smooth and healthy. Many writers have tried to define labour relation in different ways. Meaning of labour relation has kept on changing with the change in nature of work, technology and most important globalization. Before industrialization companies had such environments in which employer played a major role. They had the power over the employees forcing rules and regulation formed by the management. Interest of employers was above the interest of…show more content…
Also industry conflicts are the highest in India in terms of loss of work per year due to strikes than any other country. According to Venkataratnam, 1996 industrial conflicts in 1990 increased both in public and private sector. This caused multinational and private sector industries to implement Human Resources Management practise to change traditional union management relations. Later public sector also adopted this practise. The purpose of this was to open clear communications system between the management and employees, proper work system with team work, fair pay system and carefully designed performance appraisal system. Also the role of women in industry has increased from the time of liberalization. Today males and females work together in the urban cities. Self Employed Women Association (SEWA) has played an important role in providing home based work to the women workers for past 20 years. (From: Today India is on the movement of globalization, privatization, liberalization need is to develop social dialogue for effective labour relations. Collective bargaining the process involving negotiation and discussion between the management and labour regarding terms of agreement of employment. The principle of give and take is used in this practise. In early 20th century collective bargaining and trade unionism came into existence in India. In India workers working in formal
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