Labour Relation Essay

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Case Scenario Written by Charles Purchase, Seneca College Phil Stone has been a union organizer for 15 years. He recently targeted a firm in the garment industry. Up to this point he has had informal discussions with a few of the company’s four hundred employees so that he can get a better feel for the chances of succeeding in the organizing drive. Phil is aware that he does not face a ‘slam dunk’ in this situation and his prediction is that the certification vote could be very close. He is aware that launching a full organizing campaign is an expensive proposition for the union, in time as well as resources, and his personal reputation as a successful organizer is at stake. That being said, the union needs additional members as…show more content…
Perhaps most importantly a comprehensive system of collective bargaining was established. In conclusion, with all those major events in the history of labour relations, benefit the future allowing any individual to create a union, certified and negotiate a collective agreement with the employer. Question #2 what strategies can Phil use to increase his chance of success in organizing an union within this company? Answer: Phil has to create an organizing committee of the best activists that can meet weekly or to coordinate the work, help each other with issues that come up, and build solidarity. Phil must fully understand all the standard arguments employers use to intimidate their workers and defeat the union and they must develop effective tactics to respond to any attack. Phil must radiate competence. He must be able to give clear, sincere and convincing answers to workers, many of them skeptical about unions. He must be able to handle all sorts of difficult situations. Whatever the challenges, he must not lose his composure and temper. One of the most important strategies is to involve as many of the workers as possible in the actual organizing activities. They must make the workers feel that it is their union and they will play a major role in all decisions. For Phil to be successful in organizing a union within this company he has to ensure that he is
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