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Title: Physical and Chemical Properties
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the physical and chemical properties of pure chemical substances by subjecting them to various environmental extremes.
Procedure: Filled each test tube with substances provided and subjected them to various conditions. These conditions included, heat, cold water, hot water, acid and basic additions and tested on litmus paper. The reactions were observed and documented at each step.
Data tables:
Substance name
Effect of heat
Cold H2O
Hot H2O
Litmus Test
Dilute HCl
Dilute NaOH
Small silver, metallic, shards
No smell
Shriveled up and turned white. Produced gas insoluble Boiled fast, some sample floated to top
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Most notably the reaction with heat and hot and cold liquid were interesting. Several attempts were made to obtain a smell from the reactions but none were found. When the samples were heated in water several of them had violent and/or sudden reactions.

A. Yes, an example would be Mg being heated.

B. The fact that it created a new substance, in this case a gas.

C. The first is as stated above, Mg when heated created a gas and the second is when HCl was added to MgO, it changed color and was endothermic.

D. Silver metallic color: Physical
Turns gray in air: Chemical
Melts @ 98 DegC: Physical
Reacts explosively with chlorine gas: Chemical

E. Water freezes at 0degC: Physical
Baking and vinegar produces bubbles: Chemical
Moth Balls disappear at room temp: Physical
Ice cube in freezer smaller with time: Physical
Baking soda loses mass when heated: Physical
Silver tarnishing: Chemical

F. After dissolving the NaC in the water, you could evaporate the water and show that you get NaCl back. If you

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