Labrador Retriever Research Paper

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Labrador Retrievers are ranked 12th place for being mankind's best friends. However, it is not only friendly to humans, but also fit for the wild. The Labrador retriever would be suited for life in the Yukon because it is not voracious, can withstand extremely cold temperatures, and is highly intelligent. A reason why Labrador retrievers are fit for the Yukon is because they are thrifty eaters. According to, after puppyhood, a Labrador retriever needs to be fed only twice a day, while others really only need to be fed once a day. As a result, they could put up with the sometimes scarce food in the wild. Therefore, Labrador retrievers are fit for the food limits of the Yukon. Another reason why the Labrador retriever …show more content… and’s surveys of dog breeders and trainers both agree that Labrador retrievers are ranked number seven out of 300 when it comes to intelligence. Also, in chapter three of “Call of the Wild,” Buck killed Spitz solely relying on his cleverness. This can apply to Labrador retrievers in the wild as well. Therefore, Labrador retrievers can fend for itself in the Yukon. It is true, though, that Labrador retrievers are extremely good-natured. According to “Call of the Wild”, in the wild, “to show mercy was a weakness.” Caused by their good-naturedness, Labrador retrievers may be unable to kill prey or other animals threatening them, thus showing mercy. As a result, they will be the one killed in a fight. However, since they are also clever, they may find a way to avoid fights, allowing them to peacefully live in the wild with their good nature. In conclusion, the Labrador retriever is fit for the Yukon because it is not voracious, can withstand cold temperatures, and is highly intelligent. It can hold up to only one meal a day. In addition, it has a high cold tolerance fit for the Yukon. It also has high intelligence for a dog, allowing it to conquer other animals not just by strength, but also by strategy. After all, in order to survive, conquering the situation is key. Therefore, the Labrador retriever would do well surviving in the

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