Lack Of A Marriage For Children

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Amber Fortenberry
Desiree Swain
Composition II
10 February 2015
Lacking Love
Many families try to mask and conceal any problems that may be arising throughout their marriage. Many spouses stay together for either the children, or the convenience. A marriage that is lacking in love is a disaster waiting to happen. If the love and respect is gone out of a marriage, and there is no way of fixing it, then end it. People think that staying in a marriage for the children benefits the children. In all reality, it does not. No child wants to walk on egg shells every day from the tension between their mother and father.
How is your marriage when you think no one is watching? Would you be ashamed of your marriage if it were witnessed, or would it not make a difference? In privacy, most people have different qualities about themselves than if they were around other individuals. Where does your marriage stand when there is no one else around?
Behind the scenes at many homes, the marriage is not as happy as it may seem on the outside. John Cheever introduces the readers to a couple from Shady Hill named Francis and Julia Weed in a short story called, “The Country Husband” that like many marriages is lacking love and affection in their marriage. The Weed’s may seem like a normal, happy couple, but behind the scenes, it is the exact opposite.
People may feel obligated to act a certain way when they are around other people outside of their marriage. They may change their personality…
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