Lack Of Belonging

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When asked to conjure the image of a happy lifestyle, many people instantly imagine themselves lying on mountains of money, but why is that? Is the image of money so powerful that we immediately align it with true happiness? Is currency the key to a content life, or is it just a false notion imposed on us by society? Many people claim that money can buy happiness, but in reality, it’s the complete opposite. For one, money is ineffective as a cure for happiness because the perception of happiness is always altering. Another reason currency can’t purchase happiness is it has a way of limiting one’s impression of happiness. Lastly, a paycheck will never replace the human relationships that everyone desires. While money can purchase some of the…show more content…
Experts Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary claim that happiness can all be traced back to simply belonging. The two experts argue that the lack of belongingness can cause various undesirable effects, including a decrease in general health and happiness. A further assessment revealed that the effects can become so severe that people who lack belongingness suffer from high levels of physical and mental illnesses; in some cases suicide. Meanwhile, many people consider interpersonal relationships to be the answer to a life of happiness. Convincing evidence of this phenomenon comes from Ed Diener and Martin Seligman, two leading experts in the field of happiness. When comparing the happiest to the least happiest people, they found the happiest people to be the most sociable. These participants were exceedingly sociable and had the strongest relationship ties. Diener and Seligman later concluded that stable social relationships were a necessity for people to be happy.The thing is, these are the relationships that can’t be bought. You could literally overflow someone’s bank account with cash and they could still remain unloyal. Politicians, actors, athletes, all people with a million dollar net worth. Unfortunately, their net worths couldn’t salvage their marriages. Also, a large salary also attracts the wrong kind of attention. Once…show more content…
A prominent salary is an immediate solution to the pressure of paying bills. This is a huge benefit that only comes with a steady supply of cash, but everything has a negative side. While you’ve finally ridden yourself of stressful bills, you’ve acquired the stress of taxes, scam artists, and gold-diggers. All of these will thread their way into your life, and rip out your money bill by bill. With more money comes the worry of tax regulations and unstable tax rates. Subsequently, after the first round of taxes that’s when the con-artists come out to prey. Gone are the suspicious men in trenchcoats with briefcases, now it’s an entire new game fought out on computers. With a pricetag on your head, you’ll always be a target. Finally, the wealthy always have to wonder if the person they’re in a relationship can be trusted. The stress of wondering if your spouse is trustworthy or just another person using you will eventually wear you down. For all the cons of a wealthy lifestyle, the pros are
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