Lack Of Communication For Adult Learners

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For many of today’s adult immigrants, gaining longevity is not enough. Nor are they motivated by political forces or the global economy of the advanced world around them; in reality, it is the unbeatable desire to start a new life with certain basic abilities to apply their needs. They simply strive to fulfill their daily activities that have suddenly turned into an arduous toil because of language barrier. As a matter of fact, the insufficient English language proficiency, a lack of communicational and listening skills may result contributing factors to comply with the survival needs among elderly immigrants. A debate has lingered recently by researchers on how the available ESP instruction can be beneficial to address adult learners’ goals and needs by building proper speaking and listening skills. Insufficient English may become a critical component for not seeking medical help by immigrant elders who try to save face by avoiding the embarrassment of communication barrier. When the patient does not understand the health care specialist and the treatment methods, or the health care provider is unable to comprehend the nature of patient’s complaints, some serious health issues may arise (Woloshin et al.,1995). In 2003 Asian American Federation of New York (AAFNY) conducted a study based on interviews and questionnaire by a research team which noted that immigrant elders, particularly Chinese and Korean elders, had difficulties in speaking, listening and writing English
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