Lack Of Communication In ASD Teens

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When we communicate we send and receive information such as our wants, needs, thoughts, emotions, and ideas to others. Although we may consider it as important as breathing, most us take this gift for granted. Communication facilitates not only the process of sharing information and knowledge, but helps us form relationships and connections to our world and makes our lives better. Autism is uniquely individual, without ability to communicate many remain in their own private world. All too frequently they are unable to verbally or non-verbally communicate and interact with others; hopefully early intervention will help reduce some of these difficulties. Some individuals may communicate well but their speech may outpace their comprehension;…show more content…
Some may try to improve their social skills, but for many, problems of isolation results in anxiety, depression, and possible co-occurring mental disorders. ASD teens will need extra support during this difficult period. Lack of communication can affect our health as well. Think about when you were ill, and sought assistance from those around you. How does someone unable to communicate ask for advice for mental, physical or personal issues? I recall a couple of years ago I had a burst appendix, it was a serious situation; how much more so for someone unable to communicate what was wrong. We should all learn to self-advocate for ourselves in education, employment, health care, and living arrangements. For those with disabilities this becomes a necessity, it is so important, and is their right under the Human Rights Act and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This issue is so important many are calling for an actual Canadian Disabilities Act that will protect the rights of those with disabilities, including Autism. Without communication how do those unable to communicate make their wishes known, how do they communicate any abuses they may
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