Lack Of Communication In The United States

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Having any type of relationship can potentially be mentally and physically draining, if there is not effective communication. Communication plays a key role in all types relationships, the lack thereof and the relationship will not last or suffer from miscommunication. Forms of communication vary between nonverbal cues, written text messages, and verbal communication. Regarding interpersonal communication, the topic of communication forms is especially important in relational situations or contexts. This paper focuses on communication within personal relationships and searches to find if the lack of communication along with nonverbal gestures impacts the closeness of the type of relationship, in context with romantic, friend, and family relationships.
The song “Friends” by Whodini said it best, “How many of us have them? Friends, ones we can depend on…” it asks the question, what are friends and what makes a good relationship? Whether the relationship is friend, romantic, or parental oriented, the answer is effective communication. Without effective communication, a relationship can deteriorate, and eventually disintegrate. How many times have friendships become forgotten, because
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and China. In this article, the theory is that Chinese families are less affectionate in their verbal and nonverbal communication than American families. The first context explored is parent-child relationships and the effect negative communication has on their bond. This article states that affectionate communication is “an expression or enactment of feelings of fondness, care, closeness, and positive regard… affectionate communication is vital to the formation and maintenance of relationships and well-being, generating long-term relational, personal, mental, physical, and physiological benefits for both senders and receivers” (Zhang,
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