Lack Of Conflict Resolution Skills Essay

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As stated by Balderrama-Durbin, Allen and Rhoades (2012) a communication breakdown and more accurately a lack of conflict resolution skills in a marriage or partnership is a top cause for a dissatisfied marriage than can potentially lead to infidelity. Couples that react in a negative way to conflict within a relationship are more likely to experience or engage in Gottman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse; criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and withdrawal (Balderrama-Durbin, Allen & Rhoades 2012). This type of negativity and lack of positive communication can lead one or both members in a relationship down the road to infidelity. When the matter of cheating occurs it can take a larger toll on the partner not involved in the affair and can lead to depression and anxiety ( An extramarital affair is a betrayal of trust and can be likened to a trauma (Schadea & Sandberg, 2012). An affair can cause turmoil within the marriage as well as cause the individuals to cast doubt upon themselves. No matter the form of the infidelity it is a very common issue in the United States with as many as 25% to 50% of men and 10% to 25% of woman committing some form of adultery (Gladding, 2015, p. 218). There are many factors that can contribute to infidelity within a relationship. The reasons one might cheat can vary by each individual however; it seems that most scholars that have written on this matter can agree that at the root of infidelity is the lack of communication between the couple.

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