Lack Of Demand And Supply Side Factors Essay

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Emphasis on Demand and Supply Side Factors Labor Supply: The types of jobs that persons with disability want can be seen as a labor supply side factor. A lot of research has been done on whether persons with disabilities want to work and if so, the type of work that they want. The labor that persons with disabilities supply depends on their job preferences. Despite the passages of many local, state, and federal policies that are meant to put persons with disabilities to work, employment rates are still very low when compared with the rest of the population. In a study of the General Social Survey of 2006, Ali, Schur, & Blanck, (2011) found that only four out of ten of the persons with disabilities in the United States are employed. They approximate the total population of persons with disabilities at around “18 million.” On the other hand, eight out of ten of persons without disabilities were fully employed in 2006 according to the survey (Ali, Schur, & Blanck, 2011). As we have seen, low employment rates might explain the high poverty rates among persons with disabilities. Throughout the different literature reviewed, low employment rates of this group has been explained through discrimination, employer attitudes, lacking employable skills, stereotyping, and having other disability income available. Some research claims that disability incomes like Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) “creates a disincentive” to work and thus contributes to high unemployment
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