Lack Of Emotions Revealed In The Film I, Robot

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The movie I, Robot follows a cop in the year 2035 that is investigating a crime at U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men or USR Dr. Alfred Lanning was murdered but it wasn’t a typical murder. The cop is played by Will Smith and his character is named Del Spooner. There seems to be something odd even in the beginning of the film almost a lack of trust. Detective Del Spooner is later to be revealed as being paranoid by everyone around him. The problem is that he feels alone in his prejudice towards technology, particular robots. There are tons of paranoia in our current society that runs along the same lines. The films effect on me showed me how too much reliance on technology can be bad. The solution on the overreliance of technology dwells within…show more content…
Susan Calvin played by Bridget Moynahan, and the two quibble back and forth. Detective Spooner shows the humanistic side while the other displays robotic emotions. A lack of emotion is occurring in our society. Social media voids human contact so despicable or overly critical comments are instantly spread. The detective is at odds with the Three Laws, which basically say a robot has to save human lives and obey them. They discover a robot, Sonny, who can bypass the Three Laws. The internet has a lot of trust in it for the younger generations. Hackers do not follow a code of conduct and the users are vulnerable like the older robots in the movie. The lack of trust in the movie deals with an invent about a robot saving Spooner rather than the other passenger. Security and safety is a key component that we crave as a society. The modern era calls for users to have the same comforts as an old process. Accessing a bank statement on your phone should be just as secure as walking into the bank. Unfortunately, accessing from the web is not the same. Data can be snatched or…show more content…
The solution on the overreliance of technology dwells within our humanity. Will Smith’s character states to Sonny, “You are just a machine. An imitation of life. Can a robot write a symphony? Can a robot turn a canvas into a beautiful masterpiece?”, and Sonny acknowledges this (Mark & Davis, 2004). Our current culture seems to be making robots more human and humans more robotic. Asimo made by Honda displays some amazing feats such as running, walking up stairs and playing the violin (Honda, 2016). There seems to be a battle between our humanity and intellect. For example, the internet or a robot could have them programed into them has the text of Shakespeare. Watson was created by IBM and can find information will super algorithms
(IBM, 2016). This is amazing technology but humanity is simplified by being belittled into a role of memorization. The arts are what make us who we are and our technology is an art form. They are our dreams come to

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