Lack Of Fear In Lolita

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Dr. Stanton Samenow wrote, “You cannot be other than who you are. A crime that appears out of character can be understood only by discerning what the character of the individual truly is”. Deciphering the characteristics that will identify a criminal can be very situational. Criminals actions all depend on who they decide to be in the world around them. For law breakers like Humbert Humbert, appeasing his pedophiliac urges becomes his main goal once setting his eyes on his landlord’s daughter, Dolores. Although Humbert recognizes the harm in his sexual affections, he can not be other than who he is. He pursues Lolita relentlessly, gaining her trust to eventually abusive her passivism. In Vladimir Nabokov’s famous novel, Lolita, Humbert Humbert…show more content…
Although bombarded in many situations by the landlord, Charlotte Haze, Humbert manages to sexually assault Lolita without being caught. He narrates his thoughts during the encounters and recalls ignoring the fear of being discovered in the act. During his first sexual engagement with Lolita he mentions that, “there seemed to be nothing to prevent [his] muscular thumb from reaching the hot hollow of her groin—just as you might tickle and caress a giggling child—just that—” (Nabokov 61). Humbert points out that he feels “nothing” preventing him from touching and groping Lolita. Despite knowing that his actions are immoral, Humbert continues them, confident enough to not fear the consequences that could happen. This criminal thinking error Humbert shows grants him the ability to push the boundary when advancing sexually on Lolita. After gaining full possession of now orphaned Dolores Haze, Humbert traps her in a shared hotel room with an extensive plan to rape her. Despite her slight stirring and growing understanding of his sly abuse, Humbert still, “after a long stirless vigil”, had no fear when moving his, “tentacles towards her again, and this time the creak of the mattress did not awake her. [He] managed to bring [his] ravenous bulk so close to her that [he] felt the aura of her bare shoulder like a warm breath upon [his] cheek” (Nabokov 130). Lolita had previously hinted at recognizing his strange steps to get closer romantically and physically to her yet, Humbert continued to make his moves. At this point in novel, Humbert indirectly eliminates his one true way of being caught and reported to authorities, Charlotte Haze. Without her, displays of affection towards Lolita could be made publically in their space without fear. Not only does Humbert Humbert show no fear with the watchful eye of Charlotte around, but even more with

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