Lack Of Funding For Public Schools

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We have seen the economy suffer due to financial problems over the last couple of years. The financial struggles are affecting more than just the citizens of the United States but also the Public School system. “Americans have seen the economy slow significantly. Over the past 10 years, the unemployment rate has more than doubled” (Sherk). “Many states reported limited and diminishing funds for public schools as a result” (Hungerford and Wassmer). The lack of funding for public schools are requiring schools to redo there education systems, and causing them to change curriculum. The schools are trying to keep a well-rounded educations but are having a hard time keeping everything that they have had before. They are playing the which class …show more content…
Based on the theory of positive psychology and on “the premise that being happy is a catalyst for better health; better social relationships; and increased work outcomes, energy, coping skills, and citizen dispositions” (Pellegrino).
Students who participate in music have higher grades in all there classes, this is because they are happy while they are in school. Students gain coping skills, which are important because we life sucks and we get shit thrown at us all day long. Life will give us good things as well as horrible things like layoff from are job or a death. Even though both situations can be hard, music students tend to take the situation a little lighter. While no one can predict what the future will hold for anyone, music students are less likely to take time off of work due to illness or other reasons because of the fact that they are so dedicated to their work. Student’s take the time to actually tell their family and friends what’s going on, they do a lot of public events that require a lot of practice and public speaking’s. It requires the sense of “international activities which can be defined as actions or practices in which people choose to engage and which require some degree of effort” (Pellegrino). Students form a bond between each other
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