Lack Of Funding For Public Schools

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We have seen the economy suffer due to financial problems over the last couple of years. The financial struggles are affecting more than just the citizens of the United States but also the Public School system. “Americans have seen the economy slow significantly. Over the past 10 years, the unemployment rate has more than doubled” (Sherk). “Many states reported limited and diminishing funds for public schools as a result” (Hungerford and Wassmer). The lack of funding for public schools are requiring schools to redo there education systems, and causing them to change curriculum. The schools are trying to keep a well-rounded educations but are having a hard time keeping everything that they have had before. They are playing the which class should we cut game and they all are deciding to keep the usual English, Math, Science and of course History. But, they are cutting the music education program that has huge impacts on the students. Some schools are offering a small amount of music class but most of them ended up cutting all of them as a whole. Music is not a cheap program for students to get involved in they have to purchase their own instruments and supplies such as books, music and other supplies. When schools had budgets for their music education they supplied most of the tools needed for the students needed to succeed. Now that there is no money in schools are relying on private donors. If a school still does not have enough money they are making students either pay a…
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