Lack Of Knowledge On Law Enforcement Essay

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Imagine a world without the police, it might seem nice at first, however the police are the ones who defends the public every day. If there were no police, people would be at constant war with others. Laws are made to protect everyone, and if no one was there to enforce the laws, theft, murder, assault, and more would happen on a daily basis. Without laws, the looting, assault, and vandalism we see in riots would be a daily occurrence. Controversy after controversy, the public is quickly losing trust in their police forces. The distrust in the police as result of instances where the media, government, and public leaders have spoken too fast, and/or accuses the police of wrongdoing before facts were presented. Both side pointing fingers at to blame the other is only making the divide bigger. The long battle of whose right began in the late 20th century; People need to trust the American police forces. The extreme criticism by social media, the lack of knowledge on law enforcement, the lack of common interaction between police and civilian, lack of support, and increasing violence against police is all destroying the bond between police and the public.
There no doubt that there is a problem between the police and some communities. Needless to say, part of the problem does fall on the police departments. However, people who associate themselves with groups such as “Black lives matter” might say that the problem only lies with the police. Many say police officers single out
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