Lack Of Motivation And Job Satisfaction

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1) The Situation/Challenge: Malawi country is facing critical shortage in healthcare staff due to certain demotivating factors, and in turn is inadequate at providing minimum level of healthcare. a) Who, What, Where, When, Why: According to the study ‘What makes staff consider leaving the health service in Malawi?’ (Chimwaza, W., Chipeta, E., Ngwira, A., Kamwendo, F., Taulo, F., et al. (2014). What makes staff consider leaving the health service in malawi? Human Resources for Health, 12(1), 17.), mid-level providers (MLP’s) who perform clinical and diagnostic functions are shifting towards private and other non-health related jobs due to lack of motivation and job satisfaction. Participants of this study provided a range of demotivating factors creating a disabling environment for MLPs to perform their duties properly and pushing these workers to the brink of leaving their jobs. Some of the most commonly mentioned demotivating factors that made MLP’s seriously consider leaving their job included: (a) being treated unfairly or with disrespect, (b) lack of recognition of their efforts, (c) delays and inconsistencies in salary payments, (d) lack of transparent processes related to upgrades and promotions, (e) housing and infrastructure issues related to poor housing for employees, (f) lack of resources, (g) high workload due to existing staff shortages, (h) negative interaction amongst the staff and, (i) occurrence of avoidable patient deaths. These findings also echo with the
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