Lack Of Motivation For Improving Enterprises

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Employees, the most fundamental components of organizations, are vital resource for improving enterprises’ market competitiveness if they are satisfied and loyal to their jobs. However, many Chinese stated-owned enterprises didn’t realize that they need employees to success. The above-mentioned phenomenon might arise in lack of motivation both in hygiene factors and motivation factors that proposed by Herzberg (1959).

Hygiene factors:
Inadequate financial motivation is the first hygiene factor that influence motivation. With the development of the company, Xinye has established salary system containing clear-cut rating salary of different level of positions. The reality, however, is not always as fair as what it says in the regulations. For example, two members of the same position in one department doing totally same tasks but having distinction cross even three levels of salary. According to Adams (1963), comparison cause inequity between colleagues, thus the one who was paid less may requires for a higher salary, which always rejected by the managers in practice. What is most likely to occur in reality is that the one who was paid less tends to invest less energy and endeavor in their daily work, and even quit their job, to pursue a psychological balance. Besides, comparison also exist between different organizations, such as employees tends to compare their welfare with other company’s. As a result of which, employees in Xinye always feel frustrated due to
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