Lack Of No Child Left Behind

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The issue back in the 70’s when must schools at this time was desegregated, many people believe that the school systems had a lot of flaws in its educational systems, equality and the students’ self-esteem. At this time, some believe that this method of grouping produced the best success from students. While others noticed, that the negative effect of the system was destroying the social life of the children, year after year. Now present time, adults find themselves in a sticky situation. The effects of “No child left behind” has damaged our educational system in such a negative way that some believe going back to grouping is the way to go. Some see that children scores in the past when the “grouping of children” was in full swing, produce high scores nationwide. Also, grouping of abilities makes it easier for teachers to locate the children that are having trouble with the curriculum. This processes makes it even easier for the teachers to come up with a plan to help them and know how many are at the same point. There are three positions I will be discussing in this paper, so that the audience can make an intelligent decision on what side they support. First, I will examine the group of people that agree with grouping children by their abilities. Second, Their adversaries, the ones who opposes any form of grouping in schools. Finally, I will discuss the compromising grouping or in other words the group who wants a little from both sides. This issue should interest every
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