Lack Of Parent And Teacher Perceptions Of Student Achievement And The Home School Partnership

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Many barriers impede a parent’s ability to become involved in their child’s education regardless of it being the early years or the middle/high school years: lack of parent education to help with schoolwork, cultural or socioeconomic differences, language differences between parents and staff, parent attitudes about the school, staff attitudes toward the parents, and concerns about safety in the area after school hours. To some extent, parents can control some of the barriers that make it difficult to become involved in their children’s education. What impact does it have on parent and teacher perceptions of student achievement in the middle school?
Problem Statement Parent involvement is a very broad subject with various ways of being defined. It has been touted for years as a viable predictor of student achievement. The common wisdom is that parental involvement and strong schools are inseparable—that you cannot have one without the other. Yes, research has indicated that there is a strong link between parental involvement and student achievement and the home-school partnership (Decker, 1995). Perhaps one of the most well-known organizations in support of parental involvement in schools was created in 1897. The National Congress of Mothers created a statement of purposes that created the basis for their organization. The purposes included the education of parents for child development, the cooperation of home and school, the promotion of the kindergarten movement, the…
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