Lack Of Participation Of Parents / Family Involvement

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Methodology The problem that needs to be researched is the lack of participation of parents/family in a child’s education, and how it affects them academically. I will be collecting data from many different sources to find solutions to the problem, and to show how big of an issue this is. Conducting a literature review is my first step in this process, I will be conducting a through and exhaustive literature review to include: Books, internet, journals, statistics. The literature I will be using will be from scholarly resources. I will be reviewing other schools that have been successful in parent involvement, and a review of the programs they use to become successful. Here is a sample of some of the literature reviews I will be using:…show more content…
The greatest impact found was that of the language barrier (Bodenstab, 2012). Benjamin Petty conducted a research study on low-income African Americans and parental involvement. The study was conducted to show how these children living in low-income families are affected by parent involvement, and why these parents are less likely to participate. Petty used qualitative research to conduct the study to describe perceptions, influences of low income. Petty that there were several themes, teacher personal relationship with parents and students, parents work hours long, apathy for African-American parents, lack of support at home. Petty goes on to say that the school environment needs to be inviting for the parents and found that the schools are doing a good job (Petty, 2012). Nicholas D. Hartlepa & Antonio Ellis conducted research on the effect of household income, gender, and race and their effect on parental involvement. The researchers used survey data from National Household Education Surveys (NHES), and Parent and Family Involvement in Education Survey from National Center for Education Statistics. They stated that the need for the research is caused by lack of parental involvement over the years. They state that a parent 's income plays a big part in the involvement of the parent 's participation. Nicholas and Antonio state that
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