Lack Of Proper Staffing In Nursing

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According to Provision four, “the nurse is responsible and accountable for individual nursing practice and determines the appropriate delegation of tasks consistent with the nurse’s obligation to provide optimum patient care” (Fowler, p.41, 2008). As far as accountability goes the nurse manager and the facility are both responsible for the lack of proper staffing. Although administration told Susan to deal with. She took it upon herself to implement the schedule change without any authorization from her superiors and without regards to patient safety. It is unfortunate, but being short staffed has become a norm in most health care facilities. The best option for me would have been to quit. But unfortunately this option is idealistic and not realistic. Susan should have pressured administration to hire experienced per diem nurses from an agency. Another option would be to take nurses from another unit that is adequately staffed to work during their days of being short staffed. …show more content…

As a senior nurse Susan is expected to use better judgment because of her experience and/or expectation of job duties. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Susan did not use her critical thinking skills to the best of her capabilities. According to Aristotle a person who does their job well, or performs their function well, will use reason and rationale and use it well. As a nurse manager, Susan did not use her use her reason and rationale well concerning her staffing issue. Her careless action ultimately led to severe patient incidents, bad publicity and ramification for her institution and ultimately her termination from her

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