Lack Of Regulatory Standards For Nurses

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In addition, the lack of regulatory standards or mandated nurse to patient ratios will be detrimental to nurses. Nurses who experience heavy or excessive workloads tend to be afflicted with fatigue, this leads to nurse burnout, job dissatisfaction and a harmful working environment. According to Connie Garrett (2008), “the effects of extreme fatigue can be compared to being under the influence of alcohol”. Fatigue is known to slow or impede reaction time and alter attention to detail. These are major contributing factors related to errors of omission. Reaction time and attention to detail are important factors required for problem solving techniques, personal motivational skills and energy. Nurse burnout is a very serious and common…show more content…
Improving or maintaining high job satisfaction is paramount for medical facilities, it is key for nurse retention. Hospitals must inquire and study the importance of job satisfaction and how it relates specifically to appropriate patient assignment (Carayon & Gurses, 2008). Once again, proper NTP ratios will improve job satisfaction, improve quality of care and safety and save healthcare dollars when properly implemented. It has been significantly recorded among medical journals and research, which implies or states factually, that the greatest improvement of job satisfaction was due to adequate staffing (i.e. NTP ratios) (Tellez, 2012). A harmful working environment is also directly associated with high NTP ratios. Harmful working conditions or environments will cause many negative effects upon medical institutions. These will increase job dissatisfaction, reduce retention percentages, create adverse quality of care and safety and significantly increase costs. Important environmental aspects include but are not limited to items related to nursing leadership, nursing standards for high quality care and the nurse to physician relationship. All three of these conditions ( nurse burnout, job dissatisfaction and harmful working environment) resulting from fatigue are intertwined together. An improvement in one will actually have a direct effect upon the others. Institutions
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