Lack Of School During Summer Break

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According to an article on The College Solution by Lynn O 'Shaughnessy there is no variance in the difficulty of the SAT and ACT over the course of the year. However, based on the results of the statistical data there is a slight drop in scores during the winter months. This could be attributed to the colder weather, but there is no definite cause for this drop in scores. Scores also appear to drop during the summer months, this could be attributed to the lack of school during summer break. The author goes on to defend the accuracy of the data by presenting possible reasons for a disruption in the data, and how she has accounted for it, “There is a slight maturation effect/test-retest effect, as students taking the early fall tests are more likely to be seniors who have already taken the test than are students taking the early winter tests. This effect is relatively weak, because for every test date, we have students taking the test for the first time, others for the final time, some having prepped with us, others having gone in to the test without any prep. Each sample is a mixture, and the law of averages wins in the end. Our sample of students pursuing test prep, by no means a random sample, is clearly skewed toward the higher end of the score spectrum.” (Lynn O 'Shaughnessy). Therefore, according to the data there is little variation between scores and the time that the individual takes the test. On average students can expect to receive similar scores all year round,
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