Lack Of School Materials For Public Schools

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In public schools, students are often unprepared and do not have the materials that they need in order to complete the assigned work. This creates a multitude of problems, including that the student may not be able to complete their work to their best ability. Because a lack of school materials can lead to a drop of productivity in students, public schools should be required to provide low-cost or no-cost materials for students who are in financial need. This would ensure that all students were provided an equal opportunity while in school, while increasing student productivity and dissolving the gap in student success between income levels. To provide some operational definitions, in this context, the word “productivity” can be defined as the measurable and comparable success of the student. This could mean grades, test scores, or graduation rates. We could also compare their achievements that might not be so desirable, such as their incarceration rates or their dropout rates. Financial need will be defined as the student qualifying for free or reduced lunch. This would mean that if this plan was instituted, that student’s eligibility would already be pre-determined, which would take out some work that the school might have to do otherwise. Lastly, supplies are defined as items that teachers deem necessary for success in their course. This could include pencil, paper, notebooks, folders, any novels that the class may be studying during the course, or any other…

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