Lack Of Services And Organization

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Problem 1: Lack of Services and Organization Assessment The first problem with Holland Community Hospital is their inadequate organization of services when discharging patients, stemming from a lack of preparation. The biggest organizational issue is the shortage of hospital beds in the institution. These beds serve to provide a place for patients to recover and prepare for their discharge. The disparity that is often encountered in hospitals is the need to serve an increased number of patients while reducing bed numbers in an effort to move more people in and out of the hospital. (Maloney, Wolfe, Gesteland, Hales, & Nkoy, 2007). Limited bed allotment has contributed to the accelerated need for the hospital to discharge Mr. Mitchell and is supported by a member of the medical staff explaining, “It’s busy in the ER this afternoon, and we need a bed.” (Scales & Wolfer, 2006, p. 104). The hospital’s pushing of the discharge process in an effort to free bed space, leaves Diana and the other social workers little time to fully create a plan that will make the transition from hospital to home much more manageable. In justifying Mr. Mitchell’s expedited discharge through the need for bed space the hospital has placed its needs above the patient’s in an effort to secure resources. HCH is experiencing many power struggles the first of which being who has authority and responsibility for discharge. The scare resource of beds has caused an influx in power in where the hospital
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