Lack Of Silent Sustained Reading

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In this paper, I will look at different research with regards to Silent Sustained Reading in today’s classrooms. The National Reading Panel (2000) indicates that there are no differences that can be reported on students who participate in SSR and students who do not in regards to reading comprehension and high-stakes assessments. While the NRP report does not discount SSR entirely, it does create controversy amongst educators and policymakers who disagree as to the benefits of students who are engaged in academic as well as recreational reading. The research focus question for this paper is what strategies for scaffolding independent reading are available in an effort to increase reading engagement and academic achievement?
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The study focused on 14 studies into the effectiveness of Sustained Silent Reading that were found to be inconclusive and unsupportable in the improvement of reading. The NRP (2000) concluded that “despite widespread acceptance of the idea that schools can successfully encourage students to read more and that these increases in reading practice will be translated into better fluency and higher reading achievement, there is not adequate evidence to sustain this claim"(NRP, 2000, p.28). Their statements caused controversy amongst teachers, educators, and administrators who had been utilizing SSR as a part of their reading instruction daily and for long periods of time. The NRP report did agree that further research needed to be conducted over long periods of time that measured the effectiveness of alternative reading programs. In the years since the panel report, there have been studies conducted that link engaging readers with strong programs, teacher role models, and parental involvement.
Effectiveness of Sustained Silent Reading Researchers suggest that the value of reading, attitudes towards reading, and behaviors inside and outside of school have a direct correlation to how students feel about Sustained Silent Reading. Since its inception in the 1970s, SSR has had supporters and detractors. Does SSR increase reading achievement? Is data available that shows a significant improvement in reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and other traditional

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