Lack Of Social Anxiety

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Social anxiety should be classified as a social disorder instead of a mental disorder because certain situations placed on an individual with social anxiety makes the person feel trapped and unable to socialize with peers. It would let people in schools have a better insight of their students with this disorder. If it is classified as a social disorder, people will get a better understanding, and have less stigma in the public eye, as well as more support in schools and workplaces. Social anxiety is a disorder that is marked by the individual’s fear of interpersonal interactions with others which causes them to look upon people very often. Specifically, social anxiety is a fear of socializing with society, and being judged by their lack of…show more content…
You can easily spot someone who has social anxiety by their physical symptoms or even the way they project themselves to the audience or as people say project to society in general. Physical conditions might consist of redness in the face, shortness of breath, upset stomach or nausea, sweating, and even dizziness. Typically they avoid talking and don’t like being around any people. Face-to-face social interaction with a person of this type of social phobia is the most effective way to calm their nervous system and relieve stress and anxiety. Interacting with someone who is kind can quickly put the stop to damaging stress responses like “fight-or-flight” and anxiety-relieving…show more content…
One thing is that you begin to breathe extremely quickly, basically uncontrollable. The breathing throws multiple people with social anxiety off balance of oxygen leading to an extreme amount of more physical symptoms which is not so good for the individual's health. Overall social anxiety is a very strong topic to talk about today so it should be taken seriously and be classified as a social disorder and not a mental disorder because it will make the individual feel as if there is something wrong with them when there isn’t anything wrong it’s just the way the person thinks. As well as having school programs and other treatments in workplaces for the person will make the person not feel less of themselves and hopefully there will be a better and more efficient cure for them in which they deserve, because they deserve to be treated equal and not like an outsider who can't help themselves. So treatment plus the classification should be changed in order not too have public stigma in society's eyes of the so called “Mental disorder”. There should be a conclusion to it all with having the classification rethought as well as treatments should be looked at and very helpful to the ones suffering within
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