Lack Of Systemic Evaluation And Financial Resources Essay

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The very bare existence of any organization is profit maximization through a series of inputs maneuvered by a mixture of mechanical and human activity. Though businesses evaluate their machine via depreciation, human evaluation remains their only challenge. To face this challenge, Human resources managers and business leaders put together a system called: Employee Performance Appraisal which sets to evaluate employees on a yearly basis. This process often causes tension between employees and employers because it fails to do away with biases and prejudices. So, it is hardly ever that an employee receives a fair performance evaluation. Many kinds of bias can show up during the performance appraisal process. The most common ones occur when managers or appraisers compare two employees’ performance against each other while using only one form for each department, a process that discourages smart and strong employees from seeking higher ranks within. Some argue that lack of systemic evaluation and financial resources is to blame. The intent of this paper is to address the various kind of bias and show they affect negatively both the organization and its employees. In addition, valuable time and resources are wasted conducting interviews and meeting that are inefficient. Time that could have been used to enhance productivity and training for employees, is now allocated to either to degrade, demean, demotivate employees. Such behavior is always perceived as bias. Consequently, if
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