Lack Of Training For The Social Work Field

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In the beginning, social work consisted mainly of charitable organizations operated by upper-class men and women. These individuals, who had no training, volunteered their time to address issues that arose during their time like poverty and immigration. Through the years, social work gained popularity and refined policies, casework, and qualifications of workers. Recently, empathy has been a big concern in the social work field. Having its own definition within this field, empathy has changed meaning throughout the years and been divided into three different specific types. Recently, scientist have studied an area in the human brain that connects directly with empathy. This is very important in the social work field for a helpful clientele experience and the workers ability to help and understand. Social workers have expressed the need for empathy but the lack of training received. They are finding it hard to adequately work in this profession because the amount of stress caused by workload, lack of time, and difficulties with clientele. Due to the stress, individuals face health related problems that affect both work and personal life. They resort to coping methods that are both positive and negative. To lessen the intensity of stress at work college students need to take action. Social work students need to take general education then be accepted into a social work program. The two year graduate program teacher skills on interpersonal skills but lack an empathy course.
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