Lack Of Visibility At The World Level

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Much of Frances’ scientific output and contributions have been unrecognized because of lack of visibility at the world level (Hassan). France’s world shares in these fields declined significantly between 2001 and 2006, partly due to the emergence of new scientific powers at the global level, such as China, India and Brazil (Hassan). This does not mean that France has no accomplishments to the technology field. In December of 2013, physicians in France implanted the world’s first fully implantable artificial heart (Allen). The device was created by the French Carmat biomedical firm and is made of bovine tissue to decrease the chance of rejection (Allen). The artificial heart is intended to replace a real heart for up to five years and the…show more content…
The first came in 2004 with the Public Health Act (Mossialos). The major focus was to develop treatments for many chronic diseases and for prevention and healthy aging (Mossialos). The Act set up new tools, new governance, and coordinated existing organizations (Mossialos). It also addressed many inequities that included prevention, financial, geographic, and access to care (Mossialos). Gatekeepers were established and used on a volunteer basis under the act (Mossialos). The reforms that were proposed in 2015 were slightly different from those of 2004. The smoking bans from playgrounds, bars, cafes, and in cars with children under the age12 were discussed earlier in this paper and were all implemented; however, there were additional proposals that have yet to be passed in France. They include jail time and fines for those who encourage underage drinking, making all doctor’s visits payment free for everyone, pushing for every patient to have digital records, and to create “shooting galleries” where drug users may use in a clean area (“Key”). Also, the is an effort t to abolish the week waiting period between a doctor’s visit and receiving an abortion, that residents should sign up to not become an organ donor, and to expunge the medical records of patients that had cancer completely cancer free (“Key”). France is a wonderful and fascinating country. From its glorious landscapes of the countryside to
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