Lack Of Women In Sport

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We have learned that from almost the beginning of time, human beings have participated in sports. We have been conditioned to think of sports and the people who play them in a specific way. The truth is this description involves a white male. The concept of women participating in sports is seen as a “unnatural combination” (Ottaway. 2016). Because of this underlying biased against women in sport, “Women’s athletics receive only about 4 percent of all sports media coverage.” (Ottaway. 2016). This begs the question; why don't people watch women's sports? There is a cultural consensus that women’s sports are “boring” or “unpopular” but in reality, there is an unawareness because of the lack of media coverage. Women are currently playing sports in unprecedented levels with staggering levels of participation but, because of cultural norms, women are often discouraged from participating in professional sport. Women's sports are largely ignored by the mainstream media which buries the accomplishments of women in sport leading to poor female representation which ultimately creates a lack of demand for coverage in women's sports media.
The majority of sexism in today's sports media creates a system rendering womens sports accomplishments insignificant. These accomplishments are often buried under remarks about their appearance or even undercut because of their role as a wife or mother. The media coverage of mens and womens sports is entirely different. Men’s media coverage is

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