Lack Provision Of Health Services

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Adequate provision of health services in low and middle-income countries poses a considerable challenge to governments of the same. Global health policy is currently shifting from centering around older top-down and vertical disease programmes, to more horizontally integrated programmes that are re-focusing on Primary Health Care. ‘Community participation’ is a popular concept, where involvement of the community is considered one of the “foundational principles “ of Primary health care (Bath and Wakerman, 2013). Thus, it is important to understand whether and how communities can successfully participate in determining how health services are delivered at the local level. To do so, it is important to begin by understanding what ‘community participation’ means, which is what this essay seeks to do first. It will then demonstrate through examples that communities can and have successfully participated in determining how health services are delivered at the local level. It will subsequently also show that, despite these apparent successes, it is difficult to assess the effects of community participation in delivery of health services. The essay will conclude with the assessment that though there are questions about the exact mechanisms through which community participation operates, its value in demanding and delivering health services should not be underestimated. The concept of ‘community participation’ gained traction in the international arena after the Declaration of
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