Lack Rural Healthcare

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The Lack of Healthcare in Rural Communities
Medical care in rural areas is greatly needed as life in rural areas especially those where farming, mining, and fishing are how people make their living. The median age of rural America is older but the reasons differ across communities (out-migration of youth vs. in-migration of retirees).
Medicare/Medicaid has hurt rural hospitals the most because how much Medicare/Medicaid is willing to pay may not even cover the cost of how much the procedure will cost. With most people being poor in rural America, most physicians choose not to practice in fear of not making money to support his practice. Some rural areas when their local hospital closed had to start traveling ninety minutes to the nearest
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Due Medicare/Medicaid many of these hospitals had to close doors causing thousands of people to find bigger hospitals in the city where the wait time and drive would be longer. Medicare/Medicaid hurt many rural hospitals because Medicare/Medicaid only wanted to pay a portion of the procedure cost and the doctor either had to accept it or lose the patient. Most rural healthcare systems do not receive funds from the state and are all dependent upon the population of that town to help fund it. In an article published by the Rural Healthcare Information hub telemedicine a type of care that is slowly becoming more used by rural communities for small sicknesses is becoming popular. Telemedicine, such as home health monitoring devices, doctors can keep track of the patients without in-person visits. This technology would allow for people in rural areas to get the attention that they will need when they become ill from the comfort of their home. The government and insurance agencies have been slow to address telemedicine, but legislation in North Carolina has proposed a bill that would standardize telemedicine. This is a great innovation that would allow for in home visits from physicians without the…show more content…
How long was your longest distance for specialized care. Fortunately, our distances have been to Memphis TN, a distance of 120 miles taking about 2 to 3 hours.
At the end of the interview I asked her about some personal experiences about times when she had to travel to cities. The stories she gave were not about herself, but were interested and thought that they needed to be included.
The first story I received was about her husband when he fell of a ladder and broke his hip. After visiting the local ER, he was referred to the closest trauma center which was the Med in Memphis. Her husband was transported by helicopter to Memphis. Once in Memphis he was left in the waiting room because no beds were available. When a bed was available he was moved to into a room where he spent two days waiting for the decision to have surgery. He was then moved upstairs to await surgery when the orthopedic surgeon came and told them that surgery would not be needed, but instructions were given to him to keep weight off of it for six weeks. He was also given a prescription for pain killers, but the doctor said that he could not fill it. No crutches, walker, or any other equipment was given to him to help keep weight off of his
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