Lack of Communication

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Lack of Communication in a relationship
Composition II - 54
Tiffany Augustin

There are two crucial elements in effective communication: relaying a message and receiving a message. It is just as important to communicate the message as it is to ensure the proper message is received. Effective communication is vital to personal and business success. Often, companies provide employee training on how to communicate effectively. This essay focuses on listening and receiving the message the other person is trying to communicate.

Because we don’t communicate well with each other the effects can cause a divorce. Causes that led to divorce can be numerous. But, some of the most common reasons responsible for divorce are
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( This can create quite a conflict when a man and a woman become involved in a relationship. For example, let’s say it 's Friday afternoon and you are planning on heading out to Regal to catch a movie with your boyfriend. So you stop by his place and suggest a couple of movies you wanted to see, when he informs you that his best friend from high school is driving into Slippery Rock tonight to hang out with him. You, being the girl, are completely crushed. You try to act like it doesn 't bother you, but on the inside you are so upset and hurt that he didn 't tell you about this before. You figure he has known for at least a couple of days. So why didn 't he tell you? Then you begin to tell yourself, "I would never do this to him. I tell him almost everything. He must not care about me as much as I care about him." Come on, every girl has had this thought at least once in their lifetime.

Most girls think this way because of the fact that they grew up in a world of intimacy. Likewise, most guys won 't inform their girlfriends because he needs to feel independent. Telling her about his plans means the same to a guy as asking
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