Lack of Fine Arts Programs in Schools

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Although they are often ignored, poorly funded or cut from today’s school curriculum, the fine arts offer a wide variety of benefits to those who participate. As time goes on, people are not getting exposed enough to creativity to understand the betterment of fine arts. They are too involved in sports to understand that sometimes people just need a little creativity in their system to help broaden their ignorance. Not just the music industry or the acting industry, but people are forgetting about the beauty of what sculptures and painters do as well. Most of the time, when someone asks another person if they are involved or like any fine arts, they usually reply, “What is fine arts?”. Maybe people can give a little credit if they got a…show more content…
Having a job involved with fine arts may be difficult on one’s budget, but even with less money, fine arts is a marvelous way to help others. Sometimes, if people do not have the characteristics of what fine arts have to give, it is easy to entertain others in hard situations. In Michigan, a two-year old had to get an echocardiogram, an ultrasound image of the heart. The child was scared and confused about what was happening, and would not cooperate with the doctor. The doctor called in a therapist to help keep the patient occupied so that he could conduct his procedures. When the therapist came in, all she had was a guitar, a puppet, and a drum. The therapist had the necessary attributes of entertainment. She used the puppet to point out all the things that would be done during the procedure and to distract the patient from looking at the machine that would show the image of the heart. The therapist played the guitar and sang a song while the patient banged on the drums. This made the procedure for the doctor simple and easy to conduct. “Artistic achievement requires many different kinds of thinking. Students learn to attend to details, as well as to ‘the big picture’. They learn to unify diverse elements into cohesive works of art. They become adept at applying tools of critical thinking, and they learn to confidently approach and solve problems in numerous ways”, says the Center for Educator Development in Fine Arts
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