Lack of Stability in This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff

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Jack and his mother, Rosemary, move around a lot in the book, causing Jack to never really have a place to call home. In the beginning of the book, Jack and Rosemary are moving from Florida to Utah to escape Rosemary’s ex-husband, Roy. However, Roy follows them to Utah, so Jack and Rosemary move to Seattle. Then, Rosemary meets Dwight and eventually decides to marry him. This leads to her and Jack moving to Chinook with Dwight and his children. At the end of the book, Jack moves to California for the summer to live with his father and brother. After the summer, he starts prep school at Hill in Washington D.C. Here he gets kicked out his senior year and then decides to join the army. Each time Jack moves, he wants to start a better life for himself, but is never able to accomplish this task. I think that the lack of stability in his life, from moving all the time, is the main reason he cannot change his life around. I believe that adolescents need emotional support in their lives. Many adolescents get this support from their parents. However, not all adolescents can talk to their parents about issues they are having. For example, Jack cannot talk to Dwight because he is abusive and would not listen. He cannot go to his father because he abandoned Jack when he was young. Jack does not even feel comfortable talking to his mother because he does not want to burden her with his…
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