Lacrosse : The Game?

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Michael Cabrales
Daphne Ethington
English IV
22 October 2015
Lacrosse: The Game
Since the beginning of man there has always been competition. One man versus another to see who is better at what they do or the game they happen to be playing at the time. Each country has a sport that has been played for ages. America is no different. What is the oldest active sport in America? The game of Lacrosse fits that description. “It is the oldest continuously played sport in America.” (World). Since its origin in early Native American times the sport of Lacrosse has greatly changed. Today lacrosse is a fast paced game that has evolved from the original version of the game before our nation was around. The game has an abundance of history behind it. Evidence of the game date back to 1612, were William Strachey wrote about Powhatan peoples playing a game we now know to be lacrosse. It later reappears in a document dating back to 1689 called An account of the Indians in Virginia (Aveni). Through the years it has been made clear that the game was played mostly throughout the eastern half of North America. Tribes in the southeast by the Great Lakes and in the St. Lawrence Valley area played the game most of all. Among these tribes were the Cherokee, Chicksaw, Choctaw, Creek, Seminole, Yuchi, and many others. Till this day what remains of these former tribes still practice the game of lacrosse. The Ojibwe, Menomince, Potawatomi, Sauck, Fox, Miami, Winnebago, Santee, Dakota tribes from the
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