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Lactase is an enzyme located in the mammalian small intestine that breaks down lactose into sugars, glucose and galactose. It is a necessary enzyme in order to digest lactose, a milk sugar, which cannot be absorbed directly.
Lactose is a sugar found only in mammalian milk
According to the article, there is high production at birth and then lactase production starts decreasing in adulthood. However, through recent studies, it is shown that there is a high variation in lactase production among individuals and population which could be divided into a group with continuous high lactase production and a group with declining lactase production.
The authors are point out that the most commonly used term, lactose tolerance/intolerance are
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Considering the minority groups are dramatically increasing in the U.S. population, USDA continuing with the current recommendation which involves dairy(or milk) consumption shows the ignorance towards the minority groups which are part of the U.S. citizens as well and therefore, it is conflicting with its
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