Lacy High School Case Study

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The first recommendation for Lacy Elementary would be to split lunch into three groups since the cafeteria is too small and the number of students exceeds capacity when split into two groups. This would ensure that no more than 220 students would be in the cafeteria at one time, making managing the population easier and reducing the amount of pushing and shoving. Students would be able to get through the lunch lines with less wait time. The expectations of cafeteria behavior should be posted in an area visible to all students and staff. Procedures for dropping classes off, student routines in the cafeteria, and dismissal of students from cafeteria need to be established and followed by all staff and students. Students should be required to enter the cafeteria, grab their lunch and sit in their assigned are of the…show more content…
Both exits should be used to minimize congestion. A positive recognition program should be set up to recognize the students demonstrating exemplary cafeteria behavior. Students demonstrating appropriate behavior could earn positive behavior tickets that can be turned in to their respective grade level jars in the cafeteria. Each morning on the news, students’ names can be drawn and announced for students to earn a reward. Classes could earn points for meeting cafeteria expectations, points can be posted on a chart visible in the cafeteria and a winner for each grade level could be announced monthly. The winning classes can earn a special privilege. Staff, including administrators, should review the behavioral matrix and consequences for undesired behavior. They should work together to hold each other accountable for consistency in providing consequences and rewards to students. The administration should be responsible for the coordination of placing staff, creating a new lunch schedule, and ensuring a smooth process. Training needs to occur for teachers and supervising staff and
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