Ladies Blackpool4life And Men Blackpool4life

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1. Executive summary
Ladies Blackpool4life and Men Blackpool4life is a new proposed group weight management programme extended from the wellness service in Blackpool. It is a 12week group weight management programme with follow ups (drop in sessions or other ways of communications) at 6 months and 18 months. The dietitian will also offer additional support and motivation via phone calls, support groups and text messages. The service will be designed for overweight and obese patients (who are at the greatest risk in Blackpool) and each session will be gender specific to improve outcomes. It will be a multidisciplinary and integrated service including one hour of interactive dietetic advice delivered by band 5 dietitian followed by one hour of physical activity delivered by level 3 physical activity instructor. A psychologist will offer support to patients who finding the weight loss process difficult and if they have been diagnosed with low self-esteem and depression at the assessment. The band 5 dietitian will also be working closely with the community medical teams to ensure adequate referral process. The whole project will be facilitated by extensive administrative support to ensure a smooth service. Patients will have the choice to attend sessions at a range times and in a range of facilities such as football clubs, leisure centre and community centres all over Blackpool.
There was three options available:
- No changes to the current service
- The proposed weight…
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